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Cool old-new Nubian building wins award

A 'green bridge' between traditional Nubian construction techniques and modern energy efficieny, to keep the building naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

traditional technique in new style

In the harsh sun of the Middle East, one thing is very clear when you build a new home: it must work with the wind and the sun.

Design With Nature is creating an education center and guesthouse according to traditional Nubian earth architecture with a modern twist: we add renewable energy. Domes, vaults + solar panels, windmill, all positioned on sun and wind.

We are looking back in tradition for innovation.


With your help we can set up this centre that will both revive this Nubian technique as well as empower local people and will contribute to the solution of an environmental problem.


It will become a self sustaining project by giving workshops and selling our products.

August 16th, 2013

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masterclass crowdfunding

September 17, 24 and October 1, 2013

Masterclass crowdfunding! How do I make use of crowdfunding for my project, organization or company. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is

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mudbrick workshop + desert tour (6 days)

Oct 13–18, 2013, Dec 22-27, 2013

Learn how to build with mudbricks in unique setting Mudbrick workshop desert tour What happens during a workshop? These are

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nubian vault workshop + desert tour (6 days)

Jan 12-17, 2014, Jan 26-31, 2014

Learn how to build a Nubian vault in unique setting Nubian vault workshop desert tour Nubian vault technique The Nubian

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